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About Us – IFG UAE

International Foundation Group LLC (IFG) is a UAE based Company founded in 2003 by Dr. Khalil Charif to undertake projects involving specialist services in construction of deep foundations and installation of underground services.  Since inception, IFG embodies principles of combining technical excellence and a passion for continual innovation.

Dr. Khalil Charif, the Managing Partner of IFG, is an acknowledged industry expert in ground behaviour. He propels the company forward through his extraordinary personality which is driven by passion and conviction to deliver not just projects, but a legacy, alongside the needs of clients and commercial imperatives.

IFG offers innovative foundation solutions using in-house expertise and innovation. These key factors set us apart from many of our competitors who rely on external specialist for this part of the service.


IFG has a range of equipment and technology at its disposal which enable it to match any the engineering task at hand. The specialised equipment are purchased from leading European and Japanese manufacturers. The equipment undergoes stringent tests and is certified by a certification body accredited by JAFZA, TECOM Dubai Municipality, Abu Dhabi Municipality, ADSSC and ADWEA. IFG uses state of the art piling equipment and all of the operatives are highly trained.


IFG has successfully completed over 500 projects in different sectors including residential, commercial, retail and  infrastructure. Clientele includes Emaar, Dubai Properties and Empower.

Our works include Secant Pile walls, contiguous pile walls, and several types of shoring solutions. With regard to piling IFG has experience in CFA, Cast in Situ (with and without permanent casing), Precast Piles, etc. During the economic boom in Dubai, the construction sector became aggressive and IFG has successfully completed numerous fast track projects such as TRA HQ (in Abu Dhabi), My Tower, Jouries, and the like.

Health and Safety

IFG uses state of the art piling equipment and all of the operatives are highly trained and skilled. The most extensive training program relates to health and safety as they are our foremost priority. Through extensive training IFG emphasises that safety is the responsibility of each individual and managers lead by example. IFG proudly boasts of its safety record.

Reputation is essential in any market and IFG has made all efforts to ensure that projects are delivered safely on schedule with the highest quality always keeping in mind budget constraints.

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