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Innovative Geotechnical Solutions - IFG provides the best Foundation and Micro-tunneling solutions in a timely, cost-effective and safe manner. The firm supports and promotes lateral thinking and this approach produces ideas and concepts that often deliver the best solutions. At IFG we understand that the UAE is a world leader in complex and Iconic structures and are proud to have completed ground-breaking projects on a previously undreamt-of scale.


International Foundation Group has over a decade of experience in the construction sector specialising in deep foundation and ground solutions. IFG has completed many projects in U.A.E. always ensuring quality and timely completion as client satisfaction is of paramount importance. Dr. Khalil Charif, the Managing Partner of the Company is an acknowledged and renowned industry expert in deep foundation solutions and is considered to be an authority on the subject. His visionary leadership has has led to exponential growth of the Company and IFG is now the fastest growing Micro-tunneling Company in the Middle East!

One of the major factors that sets IFG apart from its competitors is that it relies fully on in-house expertise and knowledge for its services that allows it to deliver more efficiently and effectively than its competitors as opposed to our competitors who often rely heavily on external specialists for the same type of service. All IFG's specialist equipment is purchased from leading European and Japanese manufacturers.

At IFG we are committed to providing the best underground solutions in the construction sector. We provide the following services:

     Non-Disruptive Road Crossings (NDRC/NDM/Micro-tunneling/Directional Drilling / Pipe Jacking)

      Piled Foundation 

      Retaining Wall / System (shoring) 

      Soil Improvement / Slope Stability 

what we do


As a leading Deep Foundation Specialist in the UAE, IFG is committed to expanding using its rich experience and vast capabilities. The success of our organisation depends upon the commitment and rigour of our employees. We are proud to have a capable team with a visionary leader guiding us and increasing our already in depth expertise. As quality is of paramount importance we have effective mechanisms in place to ensure highest productivity without compromising on safety or damaging the environment. Our core principles and values include:

      To deliver projects to our customers on time, on budget and to their satisfaction.

      To provide a world class service and experience.

      To operate a constructive and open culture and cultivate an effective partnership with our


      To operate in a safe and healthy environment.

      To employ the best industry practice and strive for excellence through continuous improvement

      and innovation.


      To mitigate environmental impact.

      To provide value engineering for our customers.

Our Promise
Our Services



Micro - Tunneling

  • Micro - Tunnelling

  • Pipe Jacking

  • Thrust Boring

  • Directional Drilling


Utility Service Construction & Installation

  • Pipe Laying, Bedding, Back Filling, & Restoration

  • Manholes, Valve Chambers

  • Vortex Drop Structures & Backdrop Manholes

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Retaining Wall

Types & Other Services

  • Contiguous Bored Pile Wall

  • Secant Pile Wall

  • Diaphragm Wall

  • Soldier Piled Wall

  • Sheet Piled Wall

  • Jet Grouted Wall

Anchoring Job.jpg

Retaining System

Types & Other Services

  • Ground Anchor

  • Internal Steel Strut


Soil Improvement

Types & Other Services

  • Dynamic Compaction

  • Vibro Compaction

  • Cement Pressure Grouting

  • Chemical Grouting

  • Jet Grouting

Anchoring Job.jpg

Slope Stability

Types & Other Services

  • Soil Nail

  • Rock Anchor

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Piled Foundation

  • Bored Pile ( Full Length Rotary Casing Method)

  • Bored Pile (kelly Drilling Method)

  • Mini File

  • Micro Pile

  • Barrette Pile

  • Under Pinning Pile

  • Driven Pile

  • Jet Grouting Pile

  • Pile Testing

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